Weather and weddings in Ireland.

Whether its wet weather or a really hot day, How do you cope?

So you want an outdoor wedding and you are worried about getting soaked or getting getting too hot!

I recently did an outdoor wedding where the Bride was really worried about it raining. On our first meeting she mentioned this and I said what if you get a heatwave. it was an off the cuff remark at the time but it turned out to be the hottest day of the year.

It was in a hotel garden with absolutely no shade at all except for a big old tree in one corner. which the string quartet availed of.

The heat was actually unbearable at times and the Bride & Groom were totally exposed.

A simple canopy covering the Bridal Party would be the ideal going forward.

The rain.

Worrying about the rain is fruitless . when you have a civil wedding and everything is happening at one location you really have nothing to worry about. I know you may say what about the pictures. in my experience in the wedding industry, professional photographers worth their salt will take amazing pics, regardless of the weather.

They will do everything possible to get unique images for you. so please don't worry at all about the weather , it really is out of your control.

Surround yourselves with the best suppliers , a positive Celebrant, a great hair and make up professional and the best photographer and videographer and everything will be better than good , it will be amazing.

Have the best day of your lives,