Naming Ceremonies

One of the most joyous reasons to have a celebrant led ceremony.

The introduction and naming of your beautiful baby. The start of a long and wonderful life among family and friends, people who will promise to love and look out for this little one. To be part of their future and to support you as parents.

You can choose to have this cermony anywhere you wish. On a beach playing with seashells in your garden with a sand ceremony where everyone takes a handful of sand and places is it a glass container all mixing together never to be separated. A rose water ceremony where everyone places a roe petal in water and the water is the used by the parents to bless the little ones head.

alAll love uniting for this little person.

You can choose music, poetry , short stories, whatever you wish, I will create a ceremony to make this occasion so special, full of fun , emotion and most of all happy memories.

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